Airport Urbanism book launched

I’m very excited to announce that Airport Urbanism has just been published by the University of Minnesota Press. Based on an unprecedented 10-year study of more than 50 airports worldwide, the book focuses on the rise of Asia in order to better understand the passenger trends and design innovations that are driving changes at airport hubs around the world.

Book Cover hi res jpg best

I will be sharing some of the book’s key insights in a series of upcoming blog posts. In the meantime, check out the book’s official page at the University of Minnesota Press. You can also order a copy on Amazon.


4 thoughts on “Airport Urbanism book launched

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  3. Thank you very much to share your article with me. It gave me a lot of new interesting idea and information. I think:1, maybe it is not enough to focus on the aero-field only. the context of the city and even the region is also very important. 2, if we can take views from the new economic sociology aspect,because the airport often being built late after the city ,the airport economy is just embedded into the local social network, it can’t be entirely isolated from the city. Thanks again for your Kindness.
    waiting for more your brilliant idea.
    Best regards
    Yours Jian-haiyun


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